fiore di melanzana

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here’s some eggplant anyone would enjoy, and no cooking to do—just pretty flowers and leaves shimmering along its length. it even has a few insects thrown in for authenticity.

shown here: size tall in knitting notions classic merino lace yarn, colorway thyme (just one of many desirable color choices).

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

and now, for those who haunt luxury lingerie shops and secretly wish that underwear was for wearing on the outside, vanessa has your number

the petite size shown here in black zephyr silk/wool 2/18 lace weight.
sigh. how sexy is that??

it’s practically illegal—vanessa, you vixen, you!

much thanks to catherine (ravel her!) for her generous yarn support, enthusiasm, and test knitting.
vanessa knit that sexy little black stole and provided life-saving hands when i couldn’t spare my own; thanks for your ever-helpful and willing presence vanessa!
hattie, another champion test knitter and frequent commentor here really came through with helpful input and a new twist (she added beads to hers!)
as always, many thanks to rachel for her extra effort is getting this one out while visiting overseas.
and to david, who provides us with fine, fun photography.

ok, let’s look at more pictures!

39 thoughts on “fiore di melanzana

  1. wow.
    breath taking.

    love it.
    and yet another fabulous photo shoot – love the photo of thyme in motion (great job David)

    It would be difficult indeed to choose which version to make of this – they are both so lovely.

  2. I love checking out your photo shoots! So glamorous with such beautiful knit work. And the team effort to get to it. All very inspiring.

  3. Ooooo Sexy!! I always wanted to wear underwear on the outside…and look good while doing it. The black one is gorgeous! I love them do you think it’ll look in red? My husband likes it in of each? 😀

  4. There may well be more than one of these in my future too! The black is really hot… and can you imagine it in a dark coppery blend??? the mind boggles.

  5. I can just imagine-if you were my next door neighbor and I saw you and David and out with the camera- I would run around the house calling out to everyone photo shoot over at Anne’s. Hurry everyone!!! You are are the most amazing team. I’m not a lace knitter but am completely addicted to your site. I wonder do the neighbor’s get excited or are they just oh yeah out photographing knit stuff again? I am drooling as well over this stole.

  6. They are both so beautiful! Ilove how in the first shot you can see the lace pattern on the brick. Awesome-tastic!

  7. This is so beautiful. A feast for the eyes.
    I am knitting a totally Autumn comforter for my son and dil for Christmas, in exile in Cajun Country, outside Lafayette, LA. Keep you thoughts and good wishes out for the Gulf Coast and New Orleans, and all of our good people. I have battery lit knitting needles to use in the dark if we lose power!

  8. those are both so gorgeous. i can’t decide which is my favorite – the shawl, the thyme stole or the black one! is the black yarn a slightly lighter weight than the knitting notions? it appears a bit more airy.

  9. Sigh, oh how I need one. I really do! Beautiul as always. I dream of knitting lace again.

  10. truly fabulous! both are so gorgeous, and as ever, your personal photographer did a super job with the photo shoot…. it would be amazing in the new colour you showed of Kim’s whisper marino lace yarn (what is that new colour called?)

  11. Gorgeous! I like how they look slightly different – as Amanda said, the black one seems a bit more airy – and it’s interesting to see them side by side to be able to notice the subtly different effect these two yarns produce with that same pattern.

  12. Gorgeous! You were right about the black one against skin. Like the Honeybee stole in black, it reminds me of the lacy black slips we used to wear. Oh to go to work, conservatively dressed, and be so sexy under it all. A fabulous feeling. This recaptures that. Very well done!

  13. Wow. I turn my back for two weeks (on vacation with no Internet access) and you’ve come up with another breathtaking shawl. No, make that two shawls—they are both so beautiful!

  14. Wow! beautiful! Thanks for showing me all the different ways they can be worn. They really are gorgeous and you are perfect model.

  15. ditto ditto ditto all of the above — breathtaking! and also … how can we keep up?? I just keep putting them in my Ravelry queue hoping I’ll live long enough to make them all LOL

  16. More absolute FABULISHISNESS and David does such a great job of capturing the flow and movement of the fabric as well as the lovely model!

  17. What a great team you and David and your test knitters are, Anne!

    I love how the thyme colorway changes in the differing light; that may have to be my choice for the Lacewing shawl. First, though, I need to get through a Brambler or two, and then an Obstacles, and *then* I’ll perhaps have the confidence to attempt Lacewing (I’m liberal in politics, but conservative in knitting ambition). Thanks so much for the prompt shipping of the patterns…the detailed and organized instructions really appeal to an obsessive-compulsive science geek like me!

  18. Awwww, noooooo!!! Here we go again 🙂 I love both colors, but if I had a body I would go for the black (both are very sexy) and wear it and nothing but a smile…..:) Getting out the checkbook….again!

  19. Wow! I love both of them-they are stunning and make me want to start a new project~! Love your garden stories too!

  20. That is just fabulous, and the photos are amazing. You could grace the cover of Vogue (if only they were smart enough to show a gorgeous shawl like that).

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