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that’s an awful photo, i know. it’s the almost-complete back section of david’s sweater. getting this piece done feels like i’m over the hump on this project . . . it’s a great big expanse of knitting and it’s heavy, too. it’s amazing how much i can get done when i actually sit and knit for a while.

one of the reasons i wanted to get through this piece as quickly as possible was to assess the yarn supply. in the beginning it seemed like i’d have way more than enough. then when i got the fronts done and counted the remaining pieces i got a little nervous. now, i think it’s going to be just right. i’ll definitely be able to finish the sweater; if anything, david may have to sacrifice a pocket or a couple of pocket flaps, but i hope not.

i really think i have a shot at getting all the main pieces knit by the weekend. i’ll finish off the back by knitting the shoulders together and then i’ll put it up on the form so we can take a look. david isn’t really shaped like my man form in a lot of ways, but the chest size matches, so i do use it to check the fit of his sweaters (it’s gotta have a use other than hanging around acting like art).

yesterday i got a bunch of gifts packed and off in the mail and now i have just a few to go. i dread wrapping presents—i just don’t have much patience for it any more, so that felt like a big accomplishment.

last night i went out to knit with friends for the evening and i didn’t bring the sweater—too heavy and i needed a break. so i finished my lacunae sock

which just needed a toe. it looks pretty ho-hum just sitting there, but when i put it on, i’m kinda tickled over the way it changes

it feels really nice. the fabric has a firm hand and a good grip on my foot and ankle. in fact, i knit a size that has a few stitches more than my regular size to compensate for the twist sts (that’s all taken into account in the pattern sizing, so you won’t have to guess). and the texture really shows off a yarn with a tight twist or little sheen to it, yum. these are very substantial and warm; i’m looking forward to using them right away when they’re done.

once i got that toe done on those i moved on to these

in my wildest dreams i will finish these by monday. in reality, i probably won’t.
i’ve been working on them late at night and whenever i’m sick and tired of the sweater, which isn’t that often. still, you never know . . . i’m past the heel on the first one;

it’s remotely possible that i’ll knit another one by then. and like i said before, if i don’t make it, my nephew does have a birthday coming up in march. also, i just might have another pair of socks somewhere that will fit him (but i don’t think they’ll be in his color preferences).

i love the way the heel stitch and the top rib just flow into the pattern on the leg in these socks. they are really subtle but interesting, which makes for a great guy sock.

it’s nice when you’re working hard to have a little treat come your way, right?
i’m too far away to make it to the big barn sale at blue moon fiber arts, but gail was there and picked me up a couple of goodies. i had emailed to ask her about how she gets her “rare gems” yarns; they always look good enough to eat when she knits them up (and i am so clueless).

she told me she’d look for some for me at the sale and wow, she struck gold

there’s one skein of medium weight and one of lightweight and i love them both, hurray!
the mediumweight skein is definitely getting knit up into a pair of holidazed socks. the first pair i made was knit up and sent to tina before i could really appreciate them; now i’m looking forward to having a pair for the cold months ahead.

while i love my stash of thinner socks for when i have to put on shoes and go out, around the house i like my heavier socks, which i wear with uggs and felted clogs. at home, it’s all about keeping warm and fighting the chilly floors.

michelle at the sweet sheep also has a new super soft merino fingering yarn and she sent some samples my way last week. this yarn provides a nice change of pace from her high-twist sweet socks yarn if you prefer a thinner sock in a finer fabric. it’s also great for lace knitting and is put up in super skeins of 775 yards.

i’ve got my eye on that orange skein . . . maybe for socks, but maybe a little nothing, too.

ok, i said something about finishing a sweater back and getting a lot of sock knitting done so i guess it’s time to drag myself away from the computer and make myself knit.
what drudgery (hee-hee).

17 thoughts on “post haste

  1. “… make myself knit.” My heart just bleeds for you, as I sit at my desk and perform mass upgrades on 75 computers!

    That sweater is going to be amazing!

  2. I don’t know why I’m always surprised by the sheer number of gorgeous FOs here when I have a chance to swing by your blog. I should be used to it by now. The latest little nothing is delightful. That purple shawl is *gorgeous*. Love the surprise socks, how that stitch opens up when it’s on the foot. Definitely looking forward to seeing how the sweater for David turns out. Love the color!

  3. Look at all of that progress! Everything is gorgeous, and I’m glad that it seems like there’ll be enough yarn for David’s sweater — whew! 🙂

  4. The transformation of your Lacunae sock is incredible! I know I’ve got some STR with its name on it 🙂 I hope it looks as good in variegated colors as the semi solids!

  5. I’m so busy right now, like everyone else, but I did skim your blog and loved the pictures! The yarn pictures speak volumes! I’ll reread a little later, when I can read closely!

  6. I LOVE the Lacunae sock! Love it, love it, love it. I have chicken legs so socks are always baggy at the ankles. I think these are the solution to my problem.
    Good luck with David’s sweater and the nipote (nephew) socks.

  7. I’m so delighted you like the rare gems!! 🙂 🙂 I think the Holidazed socks will be stunning in that medium weight color!! I can’t wait to see them knit up!

    Happy knitting!!

  8. I’m wiping the drool off the keyboard again…! Love the way the Lacunae sock transforms on the foot. that’s on my list for when we get back from vacation. (Going home this Christmas to a house with no internet connection whatsoever, so if you want to slack off for the next two weeks it’s fine with me, hee hee!)

  9. Everything looks gorgeous as usual! 🙂 You should get some awesome knitting time with the snow storm we are getting right now, are you buried? Here in MI my area has 5 inches so far and its still falling fast! Yikes!

  10. Oh, duh. It looks cold there, not from the sock pictures, but from the scarf pic of you below that. . .. just clearing that up. . . if it’s any clearer. . ..

  11. I love the Lacunae sock! It’s visually interesting in a really unique way; so many socks are cabley and lacy, and that’s not always what I want. Will the pattern be posted here?

  12. You know, by calling your pictures “awful”, you’re giving the rest of who purposefully put genuinely crappy pictures on our blogs a really bad name.

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