are you sitting down?

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you might need a tissue, too

is it possible to love anything more than i love this thing?

(pssst, i took all these pictures myself—obviously, i’m not much of a self-portraitist)

david has learned to knit.
in secret.
while i was at TNNA.
with help from my friend kim thank you kim!!). they bonded while we were there in january (there’s nothing like a guy that loves your friends).

and he made me this scarf.
he even blocked it (that was his own idea, no prompting from kim).

it’s the perfect size to wear at my desk, when i get the coldest—big enough to be warm as a shawl and cover my lap, small enough not to get in my way while i work.

i haven’t taken it off since he gave it to me.
after classes were over yesterday, the house seemed really quiet, but i knew david was here somwhere.
so i went looking and ended up on the third floor. there he was, surrounded by TV wiring with his hands behind his back. when he drew them out, this is what filled them

i made this for you, he said.
i’ve always hoped that someday he’d try knitting, but i never ask him . . . i figured he’d come to it at some point if he really wanted to. then while i was at TNNA, he got into a discussion with kim about it. before he knew what hit him, she’d set him up with some yummy yarn (manos del uruguay) and got him working the needles (kim is so clutch; she’s a woman in charge.).

really, you could knock me over with a feather. still.
but wow, am i ever thrilled about it—i always pictured him enjoying knitting, but wondered if it would ever come true. and i think he likes it, though he says he can’t do it while watching TV yet. heh, that will come eventually. i’m looking forward to better stash management now that we are a multi-knitter household.
(actually, my imagination is running wild with the possibilities, but i’ll leave it at that for now.)

i wonder what he’ll do next??

190 thoughts on “are you sitting down?

  1. That’s seriously about the sweetest thing ever! And if every other knitter online didn’t already have a little sweet spot for David, they would now!

  2. Awwwww… I don’t know what else to say that hasn’t been said except to thank you for sharing such a lovely personal experience. I’ve read the story twice and I can’t imagine a nicer yarn selection or size of scarf or any detail to change for your husband’s surprise first knitting project for you. He keeps on proving how special a guy he is, you lucky grrl.

  3. Wow! There is something sooooooooooo sexy about a man that knits! You are one lucky lady 🙂 Enjoy the lovely gift ~ you must be loved an awful lot.

  4. When I opened your blog today and saw this very strange and loose garter stitch something or other, I became disoriented and thought I had opened somebody else’s blog by accident. Then I thought, my gosh, Anne has totally lost her marbles!!

    You’re right about the Kleenex–I needed one….

    You two are so lucky to have each other!!

  5. I found it hard enough to knit a scarf like that, just for myself, as a discipline to learn. That he did this for YOU, Anne . . . OMG, one needs a cable needle (or two or three) to process the involutions of love, respect, regard, affection entwined in that yarn. I don’t have a David, but I SO celebrate this with you and thank you for sharing. It’s beautiful.

  6. Anne, he is a keeper. That is a beautiful scarf and it is very even. I remember my first scarf. Somehow there were missing stitches and extra stitches. Maybe he will start giving you a sweater every year.

  7. That is the sweetest story ever… and the coolest scarf. How wonderful for both of you.

    LynnH in Lansing, MI where it’s also chilly at my desk

  8. No wonder you never want to take it off ! It looks wonderful, good job David ! I guess this was just the best surprise he could ever give you 🙂

  9. That is so sweet! Great job, David! (Wish MY first scarf had looked half as good!) Of course you never want to take it off! What a great guy!

  10. What a dreamy scarf! I made my husband read this blog post, and at the end, he said, “Dear, I don’t ever think I’ll be a knitter.” I don’t think my hint was too subtle but maybe he’ll come around someday.

    I can see David knitting socks in no time. And I bet they’ll be gorgeous!

  11. Gorgeous! I guess you’ll have to keep him now. While we were still going out, my now-husband crocheted a scarf for me in red and white with zig-zaggy spikes (he’d never crocheted before and he made up the pattern). I still have the scarf and we will celebrate our 40th(!) anniversary next year.

  12. That is awesome!! He did such a great job! 😀 It’s beautiful, and I can definitely understand why you love it so! Now… will you be sharing the stash or will he be getting his own? 😉

  13. That is the most wonderful scarf ever! *love*

    You wonder what he’ll do next? I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that you’d gotten a new sweater of his own design for Christmas… Those new knitters can be ambitious! (Take my 5 year old nephew, for example, who doesn’t care for learning on a swatch: he wants to start on a sweater right away!)

  14. I’m a little behind in reading blog posts, so I just saw this, and as I was reading my husband walked in. I told him all about how David did this for you, and showed him your work, and how I thought that this was so sweet of him. My husband was suitably impressed, however I don’t think he is going to learn to knit for me anytime soon!

  15. Though I was sitting down I did not get a kleenex… I should have.
    I would tell you that you have a treasure ofa amn there… but you knew that already. Instead please tell David that that gorgeous scarf rocks!!! As does he.

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