Countdown to Christmas

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I can’t believe Christmas is six days away. Weren’t we just carving pumpkins and eating turkey and stuffing? Time is in fast forward in this house. It seems like yesterday we were a ball of nerves and excitement at the hospital, awaiting a baby boy.

And now Baby Knitspot is four months old.

Every day is a new adventure; a new first. We are experiencing his first coo, smile, laugh, grasp of a toy and even a head turn towards our voices. It is beyond exciting. Needless to say, not much else gets done. My knitting time is some spare moments in the passenger seat, in a waiting room, or when visitors steal the baby away from me.

It did take me a couple weeks, but I finished my Matterhorn Hat!

I knit this hat everywhere I went! Even waiting in line to vote!

I just love small, portable projects. I used to keep a pair of socks or a hat in my carry-on when I flew a lot. I never got to the airport with a sudden chest pain realizing I had packed ALL my knitting and I had nothing to keep me occupied. Also, it was a nice surprise to see an abandoned project in my bag. It felt new when I picked it up again. And I felt a huge sense of accomplishment when I happened to finish that project when the landing gear touched the tarmac of my home airport. I still practice this, but the spare project resides in my diaper bag.

Once my hat (details on ravelry project page) was done I wanted to cast on something else. I kept making lists of knitspot projects that could be finished in a few evenings (or a month in my world…). Then I realized there probably were other knitters seeking out the same projects. Especially around the holidays.

That inspired me to do a Countdown to Christmas KAL on ravelry. I started on December 10, posting doable projects by Christmas. I encouraged knitters to share their ideas and post pictures of their finished objects. I sweetened the deal by offering a knitspot gift certificate to a random winner. It’s been really fun watching all the FOs get posted. It’s not too late to join the fun! I post new project ideas daily on the knitspot facebook and twitter pages, plus in the ravelry thread. All you have to do is post a picture of a finished knitspot gift by Christmas. I’m drawing the winner on December 26. You can also pop into the thread and start queueing ideas for the next holiday season!

Though these bags are FULL of patterns, needles and wound yarn that were supposed to be gifts,

I’m thinking I’ll be happy if I get Baby Knitspot’s oh,Baby¬†finished.

Isn’t that yarn just too, too much for wee little Christmas feet!?

Happy holidays and if you want to find knitting inspiration on your own, browse the knitspot pattern shop. You could get lost in that archive!

11 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas

  1. Baby Knitspot couldn’t be any cuter!! And that full project bag looks very familiar, too! Remember to enjoy every moment, of not getting anything done cuz you’re holding a baby, it goes way too fast. Love your post, and of course he’s the cutest baby ever, and can’t wait to get my hands on him!!

  2. baby knitspot is SO ADORABLE! I can’t believe how big he has gotten. I have enjoyed the daily small project posts on facebook. They have given me some great gift ideas.

  3. awww, cute! nice post, love the tree, and glad you recognize that some things will just take longer and not stress over it. these are special times with your son!

  4. How many ways can we come up with to oooh and aaah over that bundle of cuteness. You sound like a person who has her priorities straight. Can’t wait to see pictures of the first Christmas!

  5. What a special Christmas you are going to have this year with Padraig. Enjoy every last minute of it! I am really enjoying all your pattern ideas in the KAL thread. It’s highlighted a couple of patterns that I wasn’t even aware of until now!

  6. The baby is beautiful, and really growing fast. Thank you for the picture of him. I remember how he looked in his ultrasound! I likr the yarn you used for your Matterhorn hat. Did you use two yarns, one for the brim, and one for the top? Or is this all one ball of yarn? Have a wonderful holiday with your family!

  7. i’m glad you have enjoyed watching the baby grow! for the hat, i used a variegated yarn for the brim and a tonal that coordinated for the rest. it gives the hat such a striking look!

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