whitfield jacket

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david wanted a heavy field jacket and this is what i came up with—a tweedy, rugged-looking coat with a longer, easy fit and a neck opening that’s ripe for a scarf. lots of pockets for all that stuff he needs to carry, side slits at the hem to prevent bunching, and a big collar to pull up against the wind. his own is sized for outdoor use over winter clothing, but the next smaller size could be nice in a slightly lighter weight for lounging indoors.

shown here, size medium in briar rose robusta, a woolen-spun 3-ply corriedale yarn in colorway, david loves green.

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another winning yarn from chris at briar rose. there are so many i hadn’t tried til recently—those “surprise” boxes she sends us in winter really expand my knitting horizons.
once again ronni does an impeccable job helping me get the pattern in shape for publication, while at the same time managing family life and moving.
tana’s guidance as our tech editor cannot be underestimated—she’s the one who takes a raw, one-sized creation and turns it into a pattern for all sizes—we love her!
jan and erica (cabingirl in comments) worked through the test knits of this project and we appreciate their efforts so much!

and of course, big thanks to david who inspired and collaborated in the design and then put in a star performance as a model here (he even got into it a little bit at the end, wink)—big hugs and kisses from all of us, david (but mostly me).

44 thoughts on “whitfield jacket

  1. stop! this is awesome! this pattern is so needed in the knitting world – a wonderfully structured, masculine knit jacket. Must get my male knitting friends over here to take a peek.

  2. LOVE IT & my husband already wants one. Can you tell me where to find those buttons, as he’s asked for those too 🙂

  3. Anne, I love David’s jacket and the many pictures of him in it!! I also love the jacket you knit!! Both are perfect. I look at your blog almost every day for my morning “fix” and for motivation/inspiration!

  4. I LOVE these jackets! Could you possibly show a close up of the stitch detail from one of them? Wow, David’s hair is soooo loooonnng.

  5. Just wanted to applaud you for how hard you’ve clearly been working on ALL THESE PATTERNS!! They’re really lovely…hope you’re super proud of your work. Have fun at Sock Summit…

  6. Kudos on another great pattern. I just love your sweaters and they look fabulous on the “models”. And the way summer is going, these sweaters are probably already in use!

  7. I always think of knitted jackets as coming out too floppy to quite look good, but these (today’s and the one you posted earlier) look fantastic! They’re both really sharp – well-shaped and unfloppy. Also, it must be said (again and by someone else) – David’s hair is impressive. 🙂

  8. I am so GLAD that you’re doing your sweater patterns! They’re fabulous 🙂 I’m going to show Rick these pictures and see what he thinks — I’d totally knit this for him. But David’ll have to teach him how to model it appropriately 😉

  9. Gorgeous sweater, and gorgeous model too. He does such a good job at that. My husband would never be that cooperative. Love all the photos but my favorite by far has to be checking his watch. Love it!

  10. Awesome jacket–and David is totally cool enough to pull it off! I could see my son in one in a few years (he’s 17 and not ready to be that kind of cool yet).

  11. Someday we’ll see David smile. How long has he been growing his dreadlocks?

    Oh…and the sweater looks fabulous on the model!

  12. Oh, WOW, WOW, Zowie!!! Just beautiful…of course, again….I’m running out of adjectives!!!! How beautiful is that and the model of course(handsome) as well!!! I will have to order both the pattern and David of course!!! 🙂 Ya think you could fit him in a FedEx box? 🙂 E

  13. Absolutely stunning. David looks wonderful in it and the colors look great on him. Another amazing work of art.

  14. BEAUTIFUL sweater,…..fantastic on both you and David!,….What a great sport!,..Im knitting one of your other ones right now,…I want to put it down and start this one,……I’ve told you before, I think you are very blessed to have found each other!

  15. Another winner – the Jacket is so beautiful – I’ll definitely need to see if I can entice my husband into wanting one 🙂

  16. Terrific jacket and what a good looking model you’ve got! (Love the shot of him checking his watch!)

  17. Wow!!! This is an awesome shoot. The jacket looks completely amazing and so wearable!!! Love it Anne. You’re amazing.

  18. Great looking jacket (and man)! do you put a lining in it? or in the pockets? couldn’t find where it says anything about this in the information on the pattern.

  19. Oh, wow, you are just killing me with all of the gorgeous sweater patterns lately! I wonder if I could get my husband to wear a sweater like this?

  20. okay- catch up post…
    LOVE the Whitfield Jacket – and the Jackie jacket as well. Both patterns are real stunners (as per your norm!)
    Tell AnneMarie that we all think she looks grand in your sweater 😉

    And I laughed so hard at the ‘tomato plant discussion’ between you and David. Next year, you guys will have to plant them 6 feet apart. hah!

  21. What a great jacket!! (Whitfield). Looks rugged and warm, perfect for our damp, gray winters. Hope to get to this someday. Thanks for adding to knit design for men. I’ll spread the word on my Rav men’s knitting group. The women’s version is beautiful as well.

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