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this is the jacket i’ll keep near the door this fall to grab over and over again on my way out the door. a comfortable, tweedy leisure jacket (that truly deserves the name) to knock around in with jeans or to wear as a change-up from a suit jacket with “nice” trousers. not too heavy, but still, the fabric has a great density that keeps its shape no matter what you’re up to in it. you don’t have to tell a soul what an easy knit it is.

and in a few days, we’ll bring you the guy version . . .

shown here, size small in briar rose fourth of july, a smooth, light worsted 4-ply yarn in colorway, 8000; black cherries.

the gorgeous glass buttons for this jacket were purchased from moving mud—i sent them a swatch and they created just the right thing for the fabric. how awesome is that?

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

yet again, this project is made possible by the generosity of chris at briar rose. and now she has a new website—always worth a look!
thank you so much ronni for gracing this pattern with your technical skill and good advice. ronni’s been moving for a couple of weeks now but thankfully, still finding time to do some work with me.
thanks also to tana, our wonderful tech editor, whose placid nature never fails to be infectious.
my very good friend anne marie performed a heroic test knit in just a couple of weeks (and it’s gorgeous, to boot)—you can see her jackie sweater in the briar rose booth at sock summit!

and of course, david gets a big round of applause for a great photo shoot.

74 thoughts on “jackie

  1. Dear Anne – am looking up my order numbers to play the lottery – obviously I need to win it so I can stay home all day and knit your patterns! Every time I say ‘oh, this is my favorite’ and then you come out with a new one! My husband teases me about my ‘girl crush’ – just because everything I’m knitting now is one of your patterns! Boing will be going up to the cabin with me this weekend – hours of blissfully quiet knitting.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Yay for the Jackie Jacket! I will look forward to knitting one and my boyfriend will make a version of the soon-to-be-released guy’s version. I think he was as excited or more excited than I was! He started trying to project potential yardage for a guy’s version when I brought the pattern home last night~ Thanks

  3. OMG Anne this is simply gorgeous! An understatement really –you look gorgeous in your new designed jacket! One more to the list.

    I can hardly wait to meet you in person at the sock summit:) I hope to have a caricia shawlett done to show you:) Interestingly enough, every pattern of yours that I have knit so far has been for gifting. I need one of my own:) Maybe its this jacket:)

  4. Brilliant design, just brilliant! It looks great! I love it. The buttons finish it off beautifully. It is going in my queue of things to knit.

  5. Oh my gosh, Anne! Another gorgeous creation, from the simple yet effective stitch pattern to the expert finishing details. Lovely, just lovely. Of course, I’m still waiting for you to write up the cream-colored cable pullover you wore under a shawl during a photo shoot last winter (or was it two winters ago?). Can’t wait to see what’s up next in your sweater pattern-writing.

  6. Love it! Is there any chance that the male counterpart is David’s Woolrich-like jacket? Because I have been waiting waiting waiting for that one!

  7. Couture knitting at its finest! This is a real work of art, and it’s not lined? Fabulous. Can’t wait to knit it!

  8. Wow what a great jacket, compliments the outfit very well too! Great styling, great photo shoot!!

  9. OK – – that is just breathtakingly beautiful (and the jacket is nice too!)
    Just lovely!!

  10. I love this and Whitfield so much that I have purchased the patterns and yarn for them. I’m going to knit hubby’s up first (after I finish the twins’ matching sweaters) and I can NOT wait to get started. Stellar job!

  11. This is such a freakin’ sick jacket Anne, I totally LOVE IT. Especially the pocket detail. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

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