friends don’t let friends run out

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kim is my total hero.
i ran out of yarn around 2:45 this morning—which was fine, because i had to stop and go to bed at some point. and not 7 hours later, the mail carrier arrived with another skein in hand.
just look at that match—kim is a wizard.

she even added a little present to the box—a skein of bambino in wood rose and a beautiful hand-sewn project bag.

for anyone who has been wondering or asking—and can i just say how cool it is that you have SO much faith in us, based on two blobs??—yes, indeed, there will be a kit for the Bee Blob Thing (it will have a real name) available through the woolen rabbit shop as soon as we can share all the details (probably mid-september). i believe it will be offered in three colorways: my color (which needs a name!), bodacious blossom (which is the color kim is knitting with), and her new sea dreams colorway.

so yeah—we need to name this colorway here; kim has left it up to me.
unfortunately, i’m not coming up with much; i liked someone’s suggestion that is looks like squash blossoms, but that’s kinda close to kim’s color name
and you are always so helpful with this

leave suggestion in comments (try to avoid links if possible, since that sends your comment into moderation). we’re looking for a fun, cheery, name, related to the color in this photo (such as, if anyone knows a slang phrase for “squash flower”, that might be cool).

in other news, first thing this morning a big truck pulled up outside and ejected several hunky men on our front walk. along with a bobcat.

it’s finally time for us to get new front steps—i thought i’d never see the day.
our steps have lots of character, but they are a hazard, especially with people coming here regularly for class. they are also very difficult to shovel and de-ice, being so uneven. the stoop and walk have been high on my list of things to fix for some time.

it’s been a really interesting journey to this day—we started shopping for estimates about a year ago for this job, making appointments with probably ten to twelve contractors. maybe four of them showed up to get measurements; only two actually gave us estimates and just one was someone we felt very good about.

why do contractors make appointments and not show up? or come to take measurements but send no followup or estimate? it just seems that, aside from wasting my time and putting a bad business card out there, it’s a total waste of their time to come out, look at a job, and not follow up. if they don’t have time, why do they waste it this way?

anyway, we did find someone we like (through a good friend who is a great builder) who is competent and courteous AND who—most importantly—started the job today.

(david has bobcat envy—he was totally glued to the upstairs window while they pulled the old concrete out)

they got all the old stuff pulled out today and the ground leveled (we have problems with tree roots). everything looks like it’s just about set for the concrete to be poured.

it’s been a satisfyingly noisy and productive day. now they’d driven off somewhere and it’s quiet, at least for a while. i think i’ll go make my acquaintance with that new skein of yarn.

after some lunch, that is . . .

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