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ok, yes, i’m coming up on a BIG birthday, with a zero attached to it, but come on—an AARP membership?? did they have to deliver it on my last day in this decade? hahaha, life just has the most uncanny sense of humor, doesn’t it?

i can laugh about this because i’m still too young to join, heh, but not for very long.

i’m going crazy from too much secret knitting and too many socks on the needles, but i’m determined to finish some of them off so i can move on. i mean, i like socks—i do; i love knitting them. but all socks, all the time—that’s too much of a good thing (david may beg to differ).

it’s my own fault and i know it.

actually, it’s not all socks, but there are quite a few more than usual. something tells me that my olympic project could end up being a heap of second socks . . . between what i have on the needles now and the pile of single socks sitting near my end of the sofa, i could cloth the whole family if i’d just turn them all into pairs.

so let’s take a look at some of what i’ve got here

the longjohn sock is shaping up just as i’d hoped—it looks like the sleeve or leg of a real set of longjohns. the thermal stitch will trap heat to keep feet warm and cozy without bulk, which is just the sort of sock i need.
this is an easy-going, take anywhere, don’t need a chart (don’t need a brain, practically) project. it’s the one i can drag around everywhere with me for something to do if i have to wait.

and good thing too—i have enough yarn to knit four of them. beautiful shalimar zoe that is bouncy, soft, hardwearing, and comes in myriad fun colors, both variegated and semi-solid. later tonight, i’ll cast on the red version of the sock so we can see what it looks like.

here’s a peek of one of my secret projects—not telling what it is or where the yarn is from, though. just a little taste, ok?

here’s another little glimpse of something i’m making—gorgeous color, gorgeous yarn, not a sock, but i’m not telling what, either . . . it’s almost done, too, yay.

here’s one that we can talk about and i’m really happy to be able to, because i love the way it’s turning out. this sock is knit using woolen rabbit kashmir, an incredibly lovely yarn with all good points from our friend kim. it’s got bounce, it’s got sheen, it’s got cashmere, for heaven’s sake—and as if that wasn’t enough, it’s got nylon, too, so it won’t wear out the minute you start walking around in it.

i’m trying to decide on a name for this one—at first it seemed obvious to pick a name based on how the patterns intertwine, but now that i’m down the leg and into the heel, it’s starting to remind me more of a beautiful gilded picture frame or birdcage or an antique wire cage dress form. hmmm . . . i might go with something like la cage d’or instead.

more secret knitting (see? i told you there was a lot). this one has a sibling in a different color, too, so they are double the fun. it’s knit in one of my favorite affordable yarns, so i don’t mind at all knitting it twice.

in other news, david is making great progress in demo-ing the second half of my studio space

a couple of the walls have three layers of drywall to take down and discard, plus the dropped ceiling and some plaster—many bags of debris are exiting the house this week. pretty soon he’ll be able to start rewiring (thank goodness).

i think that’s about it for today—i probably won’t be here tomorrow, because hopefully i’m taking most of the day off (and hopefully, spending it on my little rose shawl, which i’ve been denying myself), but i might post a festive photo or two if the opportunity arises.

see you on the other side of 50!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I get the AARP things too. What’s worse – so does my husband and he’s more than a decade younger than I am. It’s like guilt by association I guess.

  2. Happy Birthday! Actually, I love the AARP membership (can you say discounts?!?), but managed to get mine via my dear husband< David, who is about 2 1/2 years older.

  3. Happy upcoming 5-0!! mine is in May this year – where’s my membership? hahaha, my mom says the best thing about turning 50 was DISCOUNTS!

  4. Happy Birthday, Anne!! Isn’t it amazing how quickly those “big” birthdays approach! Still, I wouldn’t peg you for a day over 41! You are like a fine wine, aging ever so beautifully with each day that passes.

    Hope you have a wonderful day off!!

  5. A very Happy Birthday to you!! Fifty isn’t so bad – I’ve become comfortable with my decade and seem to appreciate every minute so much more.

    Can’t wait to see the finished pink shawl. I’m already in love!!

  6. Hi Anne,

    I didn’t realize you had the same birthday as your aunt Mary. I’m not sure Hal knows either. I’ll have to ask him when he gets home. Happy Birthday and have a GREAT day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday, Anne! I actually got AARP stuff when I turned 30 — I think my brother was behind that! I got it again when I turned 50 a couple years ago, but haven’t joined yet. 50’s not so bad – I still feel like I’m about 30…

  8. Happy Birthday Anne

    You’ve had a wonderful year, it would seem, a good fellow and comfortable home, many friends, family and fans. You life is rich.

    As my 98 year old Mother says: “Enjoy every day of your life or change it – it all passes in a flash!”

  9. Cracking up over here. The same thing happened to me- wth? My mom in her late 70’s kept getting ads for cemetery plots! Nice knits.

  10. Happy Birthday! Don’t feel bad, the checkout clerk at Kohl’s asked me if I qualified for the senior discount tonight 🙁

  11. You know Anne, it’s okay to burn that dang AARP mail and not join. Really – it feels good to burn it.
    I LOVE being fifty – Love it and hope you will too. The fifties have got to be the best decade, even better than the forties!

    Happy Birthday!

  12. Feb 3? No wonder why you’re so talented and artistic- we share the same birthday. Beautiful knits! You inspire me. I’m back to lurking mode now. Have a fabulous day.

  13. Happy Birthday! Get that AARP card if you can – it’s worth every penny. My mom whips her’s out all the time, and I’m amazed at the discounts she gets.

    Love the new sock pattern – hurry I want to knit that one! Just ordered some Bugga! that will be perfect, although I have a weakness for Woolen Rabbit Kashmir – hmmm…. decisions.

  14. Well, Anne, we all get there – if we live so long. Join AARP! I did, and my husband got to come along for the ride. He was a member at 31 . . . youngest one? Dunno, but it did get a good laugh. Happy B-Day!

  15. i started getting them when i turned 50 tossed them till some friends told me you get great discounts all over the place, airlines, hotels, car rentals… you should check out the benefits.. they are worth the 16.00 bucks!

  16. Happy Birthday Anne,
    If it’s the 3rd, it must be a great day (have a niece and good friend born same date). Someone mentioned 50 was better than 40s. I agree – 40 is a downer, 50 you’re on top again, and 60,ugh 60s! Well, I’ve learned to live every day to the fullest.
    Now go to your local “Cake Lady” I know about and get some of her delicious calories 😉

  17. May all your birthday wishes come true! Happy Birthday – you have so much to show for your 50 years!

  18. All the best on your big day! You definitely prove out my theory that 50 is the new 35! (My own five-oh is coming up in May, hence my “theory”). Enjoy your day and I hope that your beautiful Little Rose is a gift to yourself!

  19. OMG! My friend Judy got her “invite” prior to turning 50. Another friend happened to be in her home and saw the invitation. After saying, “How old are you?”, we wound up throwing an epic party for her – in her own home. It went to 4:00 am! Fun times! I hope your Ohio friends do the same for you!

    P.S. Her home had been newly renovated!

    P.S.S. My hubby started getting them before he turned 40!

  20. I have to chuckle at the AARP thing. Ken and I both turned 50 this fall…me one month before Ken. He gleefully handed me the AARP notice when it came in for me…but when his came in…totally different story…haha!

    I for one am happy to embrace 50. My life story has been such a roll coaster, but 50 feels good. 🙂

    Enjoy and embrace the year. 🙂 Happy Birthday my friend!

  21. Welcome to the club! I get to put a 1 behind the 5 two Saturdays from now. Hope your days is all that you wish it to be!!

  22. Happy BirthdaY, Anne! Turning 50 is a wonderful thing to do! I have this theory: Life only begins at 40 and by 50 you are starting to get on a roll! I never had so much fun as when I was in my 50’s. Sure, the body starts reminding you that you aren’t 25 any more, but who wants to be 25 again? I sure don’t! Anyway, enjoy your 50’s…you have EARNED them. 🙂

  23. I got a AARP mailer when I graduated high school, at 17. Clearly, their system isn’t perfect. On the other hand, my mom asks for every “senior discount” available. There are perks. Happy birthday!

  24. Happy Birthday, Anne.

    As someone who has passed this milestone, I can tell you it is not so bad.

    Here in NL, they tend to talk about 50 plussers as if were were all in our dotage, and we don’t get discounts!

    All the best,

  25. Hi Anne, I love the “socks” – am nutty for socks, but I like everything else you do, too!!! Can’t wait to see the secret projects! Love your blog. 🙂

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