and now a word (or three) from debbie

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Oh my GAWD, this contest makes me sooo nervous. I WOULD like to donate 5 balls of lace yarn Italian Kid Mohair, 100m each ball 80% Mohair 20% polymaide. This whole time, I thought it was beige but I just found out the other night it is also mint green hahahaha. Anyways, that is what I wanna sweeten the pot with and also a $10 donation to CURE AUTISM NOW RESEARCH FUNDING.

thanks debbie! isn’t she the greatest?

now today i have pictures! i almost forgot again (work has been really busy at the end of the week here). then i noticed it was getting dark—yikes!—it happens so early now!
it’s time for my own special viewpoint on my knitting

look at all that firry coneness! this yarn is puckering up a lot tighter than the mohair OR the fingering yarn did. i wonder why? whatever the reason, i can see that it has deceived some people

into thinking that because theirs looks bigger than mine, that mine is not as far along. now in this next photo, i folded the working edge over so you can’t really see where i am . . .

actually, i really don’t know where everyone else is with theirs. i knew first thing this morning. but things can change a lot in a few hours . . .

for instance by around 2 am, i was a little tired of handling the alpaca, and i thought if i knitted one more row of fir cone right then—well, i dunno what!
not bored of the whole thing (i actually am really enjoying this knit!), but just tired for the night.

so i picked up the camoSock and gave it a heel—well actually half a heel.

turns out, i was tired of the shawl because i was just tired.

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  1. You’re flying along. So, how many fir cone repeats are we supposed to do? I’m sure it’s written somewhere in the pattern but I can’t seem to find it. Thanks, Anne!

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