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hey everyone, did you have a good weekend?
sorry to have been out of touch for so many days—this is the first chance i’ve had to open the computer to blog. WHAT a weekend.

i think most of us would agree that vogueLive was a big success—classes were full, stimulating, and energizing.

my students were great—lots of good questions and enthusiasm to understand new concepts, try new skills, and plenty of motivation to work. i think we all had a good weekend.

i taught everything from beginning lace (i LOVE teaching beginner level classes) to sweater fitness.
there were talks to attend, the marketplace to explore, and reunions with friends. i’ve been busy catching up with franklin, ysolda, clara, stephanie, meg and amy, melanie, and all the people we love so much. i have to admit that my camera was not at the front of my mind most of the time, so my photos from the weekend are minimal

except for food pictures, haha.

we are making sure to get a nice taste of as many different kinds of food as possible. being back in my old stomping grounds has been exciting and fun; cookie’s never really spent time in the city and it’s always lots of fun to watch someone get acquainted with it.

we’ve had some really nice meals since we got here.
probably none so nice as last evenings repast though . . .

which we shared with meg and may. i have a few very grainy photos of this lovely evening, but as we all know, there just isn’t a photo of meg where she doesn’t look absolutely lovely—am i right??

last evening we moved over to the time hotel in the theater district, where we are happily ensconced today, staying warm and catching up on email and other stuff. we like this place—it’s cozy and very quiet and the staff is beyond friendly and helpful

AND the food in the hotel restaurant is very good (i told you i had lots of food pictures).

we once i finish here, i need to work on my slide show for tonight—next stop on our itinerary is knitty city, where cookie and i are giving a designer talk this evening

i’ll be teaching a sweater fitness class tomorrow as well.

by the way, that shopping bag is full of lovely yarn from buffalo gold—ron and theresa treated us to a tour of their booth and several introductory sample skeins of their incredibly beautiful yarns.

moon fingering
and moon lite laceweight, a blend of tencel and bison

lux cashmere/bison blend, in a couple of colors and natural.

and earth-lite, a mid-weight, 2-ply bison/nylon yarn, shown here in both natural dark brown and an overdyed colorway.

and in class yesterday, felicia from sweet georgia gifted me a spectacular raspberry seasilk lace

sigh, how pretty is that??

i have to admit that with all the rushing around, i have not done much knitting this weekend. i did some, but not at all as much as i would have liked.

on the plane trip into NYC, which lasted all of 45 minutes, i ripped out my new little shawlette (shown in great northern yarns mink/milk/merino) two or three times as i changed my mind about its construction. i decided to add a tiny garter standup collar and shoulder shaping to this one. it’s all set and on its way now, but i didn’t get very far with it—maybe on the trip to the UK tomorrow night . . .

meanwhile i did get the coordinating rectangle scarf on it’s way. i’m knitting this one in the yak/mink/merino/soy blend—the same yarn weight, but a slightly different hand.

this piece works pretty well for knitting while chatting, but i did have to rip it back the other night when i discovered i started the pattern incorrectly at the far left end (grrr). i’d have twice as much done if it weren’t for that. on the other hand, haha, twice as much wouldn’t be all that much MORE.

i’ve actually made the most progress on—of all things—my sock. (i know you sock knitters are chuckling, because of course you all know that a sock makes the most sense for travel knitting).

i’m going to knit more, i promise; i just have to get into the swing of knitting while moving around so much. after all, i have a whole suitcase of knitting to get through in the next couple of weeks.

thank you all SO much for the nice feedback about my new green mink scarf and hat—i have to tell you, it is just the right thing to bring on this trip! i have worn it on every excursion outside and my ears are thanking me for that. it feels just as luxurious as it looks and does not allow even a wisp of cold air to fly down my neck into my coat.

the pattern is not in the store yet, but i’m working on it during this trip, so i hope to have it ready soon. it’s harder than you think to get that sort of quiet time, but i’m trying.

and with that, i think it’s time for me to prepare for tonight—if you’re planning on coming by, we’ll see you at knitty city!

19 thoughts on “rest stop

  1. I guess I’ll be the first…looks like a wonderful trip!!! Can’t wait to see more pxs. Have fun!

  2. Enjoy your trip to the UK. I actually live less than an hour from Newquay and would have loved to have come to the retreat but unfortunately I can’t. We’ve had lovely sunny weather all last week so I hope it stays like this for you. Enjoy Cornwall!

  3. Looks like a fabulous time was had by all! I do like your new yarns, especially the lux cashmere bison blend in the blue and berry colours. The weather forecast for Cornwall is sunshine on Saturday, so needles crossed you will get to see this beautiful place at its best! Safe travelling and have fun!

  4. With such a busy weekend, I’m amazed you had time to knit at all. But then again, with such lovely yarns, it’s hard NOT to. It sounds like a great weekend to me and now you’re on your way to England. Sure wish I could slip into one of those little project bags and tag along.
    Be safe, and happy travels!

  5. My friends and I enjoyed your Beginning Lace Class so much, Anne! You are so willing to share your immense knowledge of knitting with all of us in a very relaxed atmosphere. To all of the loyal readers of the Knitspot Blog…if you can take a class with Anne…do it!

  6. I loved your “Holes in my Socks” class, Anne! Even though I have knit both lace and socks, I learned a lot. I just wanted to take a class with you because I know there is so much knowledge in your head!
    Enjoy the next leg of your journey.

  7. Thanks for the update! I love hearing about your travels so much!! Can’t wait for the scarf pattern. . . .

  8. Hi Anne,
    I’m the totally random girl who stopped you in the hallway of the Hilton at like 8 AM on Friday morning to tell you how much my mom and I both love your blog and patterns!! 🙂 I was on my way to set up one of the vendor booths and seeing you first thing in the morning on the first day was the highlight of my weekend! I’m so glad you had a great time – it was an exhausting, but exhilarating, experience for all of us in the marketplace, too. Here’s to more great knitting events like this in the future 🙂

  9. So glad I had a chance to meet you on Sunday and get a signed copy of your lovely Spiraluscious pattern. That made it totally worth getting up at 4:30am in the freezing cold to catch an early train into the city.
    VKLive looked like a huge success to me. Already looking forward to next year.
    Please take lots of photos of Cornwall for us. I am so envious! Safe trip.

  10. It looks like you’re having a great time! I love NYC – and the food!! I miss living near a real city, with a real food culture 😉 Good luck getting some of that quiet time you’re talking about!

  11. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing the pictures. Wonderful food, friends, and yarn…what could be better? I am looking forward to the scarf pattern. How many skeins of northern yarn did you use? Thank you. Johanna

  12. It sounds like a great trip–food, friends, fun, yarn…woo hoo! You will love the Buffalo Gold yarns. I’ve made your Orchid Lace mitts and Boing! out of the Lux. I’m currently making a pair of Sweet Fern Mitts from the Earth Lite–so warm!

    Safe travels to the UK–looking forward to hearing about your adventures on the other side of the pond!

  13. I’d love to take a class with you Anne, and sad that I wont see you in the UK. Have a good trip.

  14. Anne! I miss you! Make sure you stop at Magnolia Bakery and eat 3 cupcakes AND a slice of coconut cake for me. I’ll take the flavor, and you can have the calories. hahaha!!!!

  15. One of my friends (as in, someone I know in real life!) was at VKL. I told her to bow at your feet for me! 😉 Also -fyi — I just finished the middle size Pea Vines, and I love it!

  16. Guess you have discovered by now that all of those myths about food in the UK being awful are total rubbish! Eat, Eat! Your fingers must stay strong!!

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