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we finished up in NYC with a flourish, thanks to a day and evening at knitty city. cookie and i presented a designer talk on monday evening which was an awful lot of fun—thanks to all who ventured out in the bitter cold to participate.

we were treated afterward to a lovely dinner at fishtag with knitty city owner pearl chin and her mate, arvin.

the food was artfully presented and tasted fantastic; with such good company, we warmed up quickly.
the next day i taught a sweater fitness class to a full house, including nancy, cathy, donna and agnes from our ravelry group and mary of the fischer clan.

cookie used the day to work a bit while i taught my class and afterward, we all headed out to the new grand sichuan for a family-style chinese meal, which was scrumptious—no photos however; the light was way too poor to make any of us look our best.

after dinner, arvin whisked us off to newark to catch our flight to the UK, where we were to meet up with alice to prepare for her knitting retreat in cornwall this weekend. i was so exhausted by the time we got on the plane that i fell asleep for a good while—which cut into the knitting time i had planned (what was i thinking??). i don’t usually sleep on the plane, but this one was mostly empty and we each got our own row, which allowed us to lie down. it didn’t last all the way to london though—by 3am i was wide awake and needed something to entertain myself with.

i worked on my new shawlette and finally got it off to a successful launch—it took a few iterations to decide exactly how i wanted it to be at the neck, but now i’m happy with it (i think). we landed in london at the crack of dawn, a little earlier than expected.

the passport control area was deserted except for us. the man who checked my papers was completely amused that i was entering london to teach at a knitting event—my work papers state that officially, i am a “lace sock teacher”. he asked if i was “socktapus” and i said no, i was knitspot. smiling and head shaking, he asked how socktapus and i had met up. i told him that we first met at sock summit, but that i worked with alice last year at knit nation also. i thought he was going to split his shirt laughing. he did NOT make dumb jokes about knitting needles; i liked him a lot.

cookie, on the other hand, had to sit in the pen for a bit—her agent was apparently not quite as smitten with the whole knitting-as-real-work thing.

FINALLY we got out of there—just in time to catch alice coming in from the parking garage to collect us—YAY.

ever since we started our descent into heathrow, my ears were completely plugged—since i couldn’t hear a thing, i sat in the back seat and took pictures out the window all the way home

(i still haven’t completely recovered, but it’s a LOT better today than yesterday and no one has to shout to get my attention today)

this building is the london ark—alice was telling me a little about it yesterday and now i want to live there.

i love big cities and all the various neighborhoods within them—as we drew closer to central london, we could see each neighborhood in a little more detail.

the yellow brick used in the buildings throughout this neighborhood is actually made from clay that was dug up from the ground right in the vicinity—cool, huh?

before long, we were snugly ensconced in alice’s house, where she treated us to a breakfast of eggs, toast, fruit, and good conversation.

cookie spent most of the day in a horizontal position, but i wasn’t much better—it took til this morning to really get our sea legs back.

deuce, alice’s adorable pug, helped out as much as possible

here he can be seen giving cookie tips on twitter strategy.
(she has a smart phone now—she’s a completely changed personality)

at a certain point, even the dog gets bored though, haha.

i have to admit, on this trip, i can finally see the use of twittering—when i’m on the go and can’t corner a big chunk of time (or wifi access) to blog, it’d be a good way to put stuff out there that i would normally share here.
so i’m experimenting . . . i don’t think i’d use it at home, where i have all the tools to put blog posts together, but in tighter circumstances . . . maybe.

i didn’t want to spend all day twittering myself—i wanted to knit, which always makes me feel more normal (still no hearing, haha). i worked on my gray scarf during the day, while we chatted. later on, i went with alice to get some groceries for dinner.

after a good supper, we finally seemed to be getting our energy back—i took out my cabled hat project, we skyped david and janel, and generally picked up the pace a little bit.

we stayed up pretty late, but at least that felt normal. i slept really well, too—as much as i wanted, for the first time in a few days. i still woke up early, but at least it was on my own clock. plus, alice made waffles for breakfast—what more could you ask for?

well, time to get myself cleaned up to go out for the day—i think alice and i are heading out to do some errands and have a bit of a walkabout, which should be a lot of fun. i’ll bring the camera . . . and tomorrow we head for cornwall, so next time you hear from me, it will be from the coast.

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  1. Sure hope your ears are better by the time you start teaching. Poor thing! Love the pictures as always, but why was the box of Colgate toothpaste on the breakfast table? Oh, and Deuce is the cutest!
    Can’t wait to see the new shawlette. I’m already in love with that yarn from what I’ve seen and will have to go out and get some.

  2. Oh, you lucky person! I adore and miss England. Enjoy!

    That merlot shawlette? Will be on my needles as soon as you offer up the pattern. Yum. 🙂

  3. Love the pictures of your trip from the airport, especially as I go past all those places regularly. I am especially fond of the row of houses with the enormous first floor windows and often spend idle moments at the traffic lights imagining doing one up and living there – it’s just a shame that they are so close to such a busy road.

    I’ll see you tomorrow in Cornwall, yay!

  4. Deuce is absolutely precious! Everytime I see your pics of Craig’s new yarn I drool. I am leaving now to go get some for myself. And yeah, I’m with Connie do tell about the toothpaste on the table? Almost like having a mint after eating.

  5. You got out of NYC in the nick of time–19″ of snow on top of ice! It was a grand time and thanks for the great pix of the last few days and London. Do they have Benadryl (or the equivalent) in the UK–might help with decongestion and unclogging your ears. That is one cute pooch. We have a snow day in NYC so I’m going to stay home and knit!

  6. Ann, your sweater-fitting class was fabulous! I wish we could have followed you to Cornwall – have fun!

  7. Don’t you just love the architecture of new places? Glad you were able to make it out of NYC before the next round of weather, but I hope your ears are opened up again by now. As usual, the knitting and the scenery is just wonderul. Cookie looks relaxed and it sounds like your having a really good time. YEAAAA!!!!

  8. who looks happier, cookie or the dog?? loved seeing you in new york and hope you have a blast on the next leg of your trip! and of course cannot wait for new shawlette pattern.

  9. thank you so much for this post – I love your trip reports – they are so worth the effort you put in. thanks for doing them. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  10. Pugs truly are the clown princes of the dog world. I’m always so grateful when I travel and have to leave my dog behind when my host/hostess has one of their own so I can have a daily “doggie fix”. Love that grey yarn…and am intrigued at what it is becoming.

  11. thanks for keeping us in your ‘suitcase’. Love all the pictures of London. The pug is adorable. Hope your ears unplug soon! That’s no fun at all. Enjoy your time in the U.K.!

  12. Aw, how cute is that Deuce??

    It was such a treat having you and Cookie in New York! Sweater fitness class was fantastic. Have a great time in London.

  13. Take lots of pictures — I was in London and Cornwall (and Oxford) for about a week total many years ago. I would love to go back someday!

  14. Glad that you arrived safely, and have caught up on your sleep! The sun should shine on you this weekend. I hope you love Cornwall as much as I do! How are your ears doing now?

  15. You have such exciting trips Anne; I love your pictures of all of your doings.

    I’m hoping folks can help me out though. In the first picture at Knitty City there is a lady in a gorgeous green cabled sweater. Can anyone help me out with the pattern name please? I need this sweater in my life! Thank you!

  16. I want to thank you a lot for the job you have made in writing this posting. I am hoping the same most effective job from you later on also.

  17. Glad to see you’ve arrived here safe and sound, albeit a little deaf! I remember those houses in the A4 Earls Court area with those large upper floor glass windows. When I was little I wanted to live in one of those houses. About to get the train tickets to come down to Loop for Cookie’s signing a week on Sunday, that way Gina and I have 4 hours of knitting time.
    Have a fabulous time in Cornwall, wish we could have gone too but teaching in Norfolk until 3.15 tomorrow there was no way really. Still hope you bring Sweater Fitness to London at some point.
    Enjoy the drive down to Cornwall, I expect you’ll drive past Stonehenge on the way there and back. Looking forward to your brilliant drive-by pictures!

  18. This armchair world traveller (at least until work and cash will permit the real thing) really appreciates that you blog instead of twitter, Ann! You are a wonderful story-teller and photographer…thanks so much for taking all of the time that you do to share your adventures.

  19. Welcome back to London! Wish I was coming to Cornwall this weekend, I know you’ll have a wonderful time, it’s such a beautiful place and so much fun with all the knitters!

  20. I want to buy yarn for the super big cable scarf and hat you made so I’m ready when the pattern comes out. Was that the cashmere/mink fingering or sport?

    Great photos, thanks for the trip to London this afternoon.

  21. If your ears haven’t unstoppered, a heavy dose of something like mucinex may do the trick. I had that happen .. along with an infection, and it was excruciating. That did the trick though.

    Enjoy London! Wish I could go!

  22. Sigh. London looks wonderful. I love cities for the same reason. Someday, London will see me.

  23. Duece is so helpful; just like my cat that helps make sure my yarn does not get tangled…!

    Looks like a nice trip – hope it goes well and the teaching is fun! Thanks for keeping us posted!

  24. Lovely pics (as always!). If you’re still stuffed up on the way home, highly recommend Ear Planes, although I don’t know if they have them in the UK 😉 Never fly without them any more (jic) Good luck, and safe journeys!

  25. Glad you are having so much fun! Just don’t forget where your real home is! We all miss you but are knitting along……

  26. Oh my, I had one of the most amazing experience being in your class & seeing you teach! Anne, you are amazing! I loved the class too & learned so much.

  27. I love the green cabled hat! When I first saw it, I thought what a gorgeous cowl, but a hat is just as nice.

  28. Have a great time in Cornwall. i wish I was there. i’m only an hour up the road from you and it’s very cold here but I expect you’re in Cornwall by now and feeling the cold for yourself. Enjoy your seaside weekend.

  29. Good thing you just missed the big snow storm here in NY and that the VKLive weekend weather was clear.
    Is Colgate the new Marmite for putting on toast?

  30. Okay, I will apologize up front for asking, but in the first photo, there is a woman, whose back is to the camera, where a green aran sweater, who is the designer of the sweater? I love it!!

    Enjoy your travels and I will enjoy reading your blog,

    Thanks, Kelli

  31. Loved looking at the pictures…one of my daughters is spending a month in London this summer and can not wait! I am originally from England and will be there for 2 weeks too 🙂
    All 3 of my 20 something daughters and I have “ear issues” on long haul flights…must be the altitude and the number of hours. We all take a decongestant before flying and again about an hour before landing. Works a treat!!

  32. I have problems with my ears when I fly – due to too many years of swimming according to the doc. Anyway, the prescription was (and has been very helpful to me), I usually take Sudafed or equivalent about 30-45 minutes before landing time on long flights, or prior to take-off on flights 4 hours or less. I learned this after an incredibly painful day of deafness, no more than a passing issue since then. I’m not a fan of lots of meds, but this has really made travel more enjoyable for me. And add me to the list that is drooling on that lovely apple green scarf you’ve been tantalizing us with.

  33. Glad you are enjoying London…I love that city..wish I was there knitting..have a fun time

  34. Gosh.. I blink my eyes for a couple days, and you’re in London! wow! and congrats, dear one.
    I love that new nummy green scarf with the huge sinfully luscious cables. and cannot wait to get my hands on that pattern.
    Be safe, have a blast in Europe. (I know you will!)

  35. Just catching up with some posts to find that you are in the UK – how wonderful! Wish I could have come down to Cornwall too.

    I remember those houses with the enormous windows on the top floor too – I believe they were originally built as artist’s residences. The rooms on the top floor with the huge windows were (and maybe still are for all I know) the studios.

    Hope you are both having a wonderful time in Edinburgh and that the weather is kind to you.

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