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good morning gang! sorry for the long delay between posts; david and i have been traveling. we crossed the country and have landed in sunny san diego for a little R&R break. i wanted to get out and take pictures yesterday, but we crashed when we got here and woke up a little too late in the day for that.

today though (once it gets light) kim and i are headed to la jolla to meet up with our good friend jocelyn and i’m sure i’ll be coming home with pictures galore.

for the meantime though, erica from kollage yarns wants to extend a fun offer to all of you.

remember the susanna shawlette that i designed a few months ago for kollage? well, the pattern has finally been released and is being sold by kollage on patternfish

in fact, i was honored that kollage celebrated its 150th patternfish release with this design

it’s a very versatile and fun piece to wear, knit up in kollage riveting sport, a 100% cotton yarn made from recycled blue jeans.

shown above in the storm colorway and below in the lava colorway, this piece knits up quickly from one skein in simple openwork patterns that will appeal to both beginning lace knitters and experienced knitters alike.

i offered that blue one to david to wear when he commutes by bike and he’s almost never seen without it now (it looks super cute with his stretchy pea coat and slouch hat; he wore them both for traveling yesterday, keeping the draft from the plane off his neck and bare head).

so here’s the deal: erica has a copy of the shawlette pattern and a skein of riveting in the winner’s choice of color to give to one luck person who visits the new kollage facebook page, “likes” it, and leaves a comment on the CONTEST post (it will be clearly marked CONTEST). you must leave your comment there (not here) to be in the running. the deadline is 12 midnight on tuesday, jan 17.

so go!

and we’ll be back soon with more san diego fun.

22 thoughts on “beachy keen

  1. If you’re in San Diego for a little while and you like pizza, zip up to Oceanside or Escondido and get some Killer Pizza from Mars. Best eaten at the restaurant, where it’s hot and fresh, and at least in Escondido, you can figure out if you got that stain out of your black shirt, because you enter through black light. (We lived in Escondido before moving out to Colorado, and that specific pizza is a must-have when we go back to visit friends.)

  2. What a beautiful shawl and I lust after that gorgeous yarn. No FB here so no luck for me; just sending good vibes for lucky winners.

  3. That beach shot is heavenly – it just radiates warmth! Love the shawl pattern, you would think that recycled denim would be quite harsh, but it looks really soft in your photos. Have fun with Kim! I hope you two are behaving!!!

  4. Gah! We don’t do FB here for a long list of reasons beginning and ending with respecting privacy and doing what you say. Doesn’t mean I can’t buy the makings for this though. Off to see Patternfish…

  5. I thought I recognized that yarn! The owner of the LYS that I work at, recently got a skein in the blue and is making a lace scarf with it. The yarn takes beautifully to lace patterns (structured and rustic all at the same time), and is much softer than you’d expect, considering that it’s made from recycled denim.

  6. Anne!! Your opening picture just about killed me!! How wonderful for you and David to enjoy the ocean in January. The older I get the more I think I could live out west. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The shawls are beautiful…and David as handsome as ever. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I hope you enjoy the rest of your vaca in my home town! I sure do miss those beautiful beaches, especialy La Jolla and Sunset Cliffs (that’s in Ocean Beach…and if you go, try HoDads for the best burger, hope they’re still there). In & Out is pretty good too…haha!

  8. What a lovely opening picture. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your time in CA.
    Like others have said, I’m not a Facebook person so miss out on freebies like this. But your pictures have made it all that more interesting to put it in m queue to purchase.

  9. Welcome to San Diego! Unfortunately you missed the warmest weather of the last few days. I’m sorry, but I’m crossing my fingers that we get the rain that is predicted for Sunday. Maybe you can hit the yarn stores on that day. Have fun! (P.S. I love the headband pattern. Thank you.)

  10. Anne, what a great picture to wake up to! I love the new shawlette–I have some Kollage that would work perfect with this and I was looking for a pattern to make a shawl for my friend in Florida.

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