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lace is everywhere—this foam is produced by an algae or some substance that lives in the ocen water and was traveling in yesterday (neither of us caught the name, sorry).

yesterday we went to torrey pines state park near la jolla. it was a chilly, cloudy—almost rainy—day, so we took advantage of the cool air to do a little hiking.

the park has a walkable beach and then trails among the cliffs above. we headed down the beach underneath the cliffs and watched the surfaces change as we went

here is where the wind and flying sand carves out a beautiful texture over time . . . it sort of mimics the texture of some of the cactus in the area.

a little further along we could see layers of rock with more color variation and beyond that, another new texture where a gulley was carved out around a formation from another type of rock.

about a mile down we came to flat rock, a formation which extends out into the water a bit and has beautiful lines and crescents along its sides

where several different varieties of sea life make their home. since it was low tide, we saw a few examples. these clumps of shelled creatures were hanging at regularly-spaced intervals all along the overhang

and there was another type that moved when we touched it (but i didn’t get a photo)

(that’s kim, not a sea creature that washed ashore, hehehe)

once we headed up into the cliff trails, we saw lots more greenery and flowers

it was all too lovely . . . i want to live there. or maybe here in the cabana.

later in the afternoon we went to cole’s volleyball game

i think you get the idea; the photos are all action, but he played really well and they beat their previously undefeated opponents in one game.

i cast on for the second spectator sock (natch!) once we found our seats and cole agreed to hold the results when the game was over. it will forever be known as the volleyball section. and yes, all kim’s kids are this cute.

since these are school nights, we are mostly hanging out with the kids in the evening and enjoying movies and some TV (we watched the alaska experience and american idol, which i had never seen before).

and therefore, much knitting is happening.

i’m almost done with the body of the shawl (i’m on the tenth repeat now); after that i just have to knit on the edging along the top. it’s a tiny one so i think it won’t take too long.

today we are heading out for an urban hike and later on i will cook a pasta dinner for everyone, so we need to hit little italy for some ingredients i think.

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  1. it is easy to see where your lace gets its inspiration! the socks are great, the shawl lovely and isn’t volleyball just one of the best sports?

  2. Lovely photos! As a land-locked Hawaiian, ocean pictures always make me nostalgic!

    (Hee hee, it’s SOOOO difficult not to chant, “Hurry, hurry” with the shawl. I can’t wait to snatch up that pattern once it’s available, lol!)

  3. We are heading to SD for Memorial Day to visit husband’s sister and nephew. I am making a list of places to go see and your beach hike will be one that list!! Thanks for the great heads up.

  4. It sounds like your vacation is going exactly as a vacation should! The photos look amazing — for a brief moment, I thought that first one was a picture of a new lace project that you’d started 🙂 Enjoy little italy!

  5. beautiful pictures. how did you get that boy to holding your knitting? what a guy?

  6. regarding wanting to live there…I don’t think so! Unless you plan to commute for your Monday afternoon class.

  7. Great pictures! I wonder how long it will take someone to create a nice sock colorway based on that 4th pic 🙂

  8. The particular sea creatures you took a picture of there are called muscles. Edible at certain times of the year, the rest of the time they’re quite poisonous. At least to humans. 🙂 Love the shawl!

  9. SD is just a great city. My parents have lived there since 1971. My dad’s $.25 tour never included the beach landscape you got to see. If you have time, the Wild Animal Park in Escondido can fill a morning. There is inspiration all over.

  10. Beautiful pictures! I could really use a vacation about now, but I’ll have to settle for an afternoon at MD S&W.

    I’m eagerly awaiting that shawl pattern, btw 🙂

  11. As a kid we lived in and around SD for a few years. I fondly remember the school field trips for biology exploring tidal pools and low tide beach life. Loved it then, and love your photos now.

  12. Wow, those rock pictures are fantastic. The 4th one down has me imagining a subtly striped cardigan…

  13. Wow, that landscape is gorgeous. I think my favorite pictures are the ones of the sea life and the cacti.

  14. So glad to see you enjoying our City; it interesting to see home through a strangers eyes. Hope you can make it to Balboa Park; the architecture and horticulture will inspire you. Maybe I’ll just run into you while you’re here – it could happen!


  15. I’m guessing that you touched the small sea anenomes, the totally move when you tickle them. Most times you’ll find the muscles very near the anenomes. Being a native San Diegan we sometimes forget to appreciate our amazing surroundings. Your pictures captured my favorite parts of the beaches near Torrey Pines.

  16. Your photos made me homesick. I went to college in La Jolla and Torrey Pines state reserve was within walking distance of campus. I moved to the Pacific Northwest a few months ago, and while it is beautiful in it’s own right, you can’t compare a grey and rainy day to pictures of the San Diego coast.

    I agree with the other commenter about stopping by Balboa Park, that’s my favorite spot in San Diego.

  17. All those photos are making me homesick! I grew up around there and now I’m landlocked in East Texas. 🙁

    Lovely work being done on the knitting front as well. That spectator sock is spectacular.

  18. Oh, goodness. You just made me miss San Diego, we moved from Northern San Diego only 4 weeks ago. *sigh*

    The shawl looks great!

  19. Seeing those pictures, I can see why you want to live there…me too!!! I love those beach pictures!

  20. Everything is so beautiful in nature, isn’t it? I love the patterns in nature. Just look at all of those colors in the rocks! I love the pictures! Now, I want to know what Kim is knitting? Have a great day! Oh, P.S. How are you doing with the time difference/

  21. Thank you for showing the lace in natural patterns.

    And thank you for the pictures of the park near the sea, and for showing that it’s not always sunny.

    It’s a strange tendency, but I love to be outside more in cloudy weather than sunny weather. I totally support sunny weather fans, but for me, SD is more interesting now that I know that it gets some good cloudy weather.

    And ‘thanks’ to the natives for naming the shelled sea creatures. They look just like unopened tulips.

    Thanks again to you and to all those who commented!

  22. Great to hear you’re having such a lovely time. Everything looks wonderful, especially your new shawl, as always I can’t wait for the pattern…


  23. I love these pics. Thanks so much, especially for the rock formations. I kept seeing faces in them. and the one of Kim? It looks like the rock formation behind her is creeping up on her to eat her.

  24. my jaw is hanging open with a stunned look, at all these breath taking photos.
    such an incredible place you are!

  25. Seeing all the beach shots are making me homesick. 🙂 Although homes actually a few hours north of San Diego.

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