vegas pales in comparison . . .

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our week in vegas with our family has been wonderful, but there are a few things i miss when we’re away from home for the holidays—like the cozy corner neighborhood that we’ve come to love over the last ten years

which is transformed at christmas into a wonderland of colorful, sparkling joy by our neighbors, bret and connie.

i know i’m not the only one who anxiously awaits the time when elves, tinsel, and arctic animals begin to take their places on the lawn and front porch.

readers have been asking for weeks now if they’ll get a peek at the harvard avenue holiday splendor and i’m here today to tell you that i wouldn’t dream of disappointing (especially after hurricane sandy caused me to miss bret’s halloween display)

once again bret has gone all out to make this holiday season unique and special, while incorporating old favorites that we love. i can’t remember if the polar bear was present last year, but he’s got a featured spot this year, where his animated skiing action is on display

bret doesn’t miss even the smallest opportunity to add color and fun to an otherwise forgotten corner.

many parts of the display are handmade by bret, who loves crafting. he even gets connie hooked into it sometimes (the painted tree on the left is hers).

the elves are some of my favorites; i love their impish expressions.

all of it, of course, leading up to the most featured spot of all—the one occupied by santa claus. but not just any santa—he’s a dancing santa (which totally startled me the first time i saw it, haha)

during the day it’s all gorgeous and sparkly enough, but it’s after dark that the fun really begins

when—presto, change-o—all comes to life in a swoosh of lights

and so much more shows itself, from the candy cane lane

to a cloud nebula of tiny fairy lights with the north star at its center.

i love how those white snowflakes are transformed into popping fireworks—at least that’s how it looks from across the street.

or how this garden trellis become a seaside lighthouse, guiding ships in the night as they travel to the north pole.

every shrub, every tree—even the smallest, most  seussian plants—are festooned with colorful lights.

and that’s just for atmosphere, haha.

there’s our polar bear, skiing his way across the yard, scarf whipping in the night wind.

and the elves, carting wrapped gifts and sacks of toys to santa’s throne

where he awaits the whispers of the neighborhood kids, telling him their christmas wishes.

by this time today, of course, he’s busy loading his sleigh with all manner of fodder to fulfill those lists—in just a few short hours he’ll be taking off through the dark night sky to begin his christmas eve rounds.

while visions of sugarplums dance in our heads.

from canton to vegas and austin to schenectady; from pasadena to great neck and albany to seoul, from our family to yours—have the merriest and most blessed of holidays y’all!

(this post is made possible by connie and bret; thank you dear neighbors!)

13 thoughts on “vegas pales in comparison . . .

  1. getting to see bret’s house has truly become one of my own holiday traditions — thank you for sharing with us again. happy holidays anne, david, & family!!

  2. Beautiful – I think it’s even more festive! I too look forward to the display every year :).

    A very Merry Christmas to you all and your wonderful neighbors!

  3. Merry Christmas, Anne and David. Hope you’ve had a great day. Wishing you both good health and much happiness – today and every day.

  4. what a service Brett does for the neighborhood with all his festivities throughout the year’s holidays. I’m sure everyone would be completely devastated if he stopped! Thank him for me, too! His house at Halloween is something I look forward to when I come to visit!

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